Inspection Equipment

  • Magnetic flux leakage & ultrasonic testing line

    Functions: It can realize the function of bidirectional detection, wall thickness measurement and layered defect detection.

  • High Temperature Rupture Creep Testing Machine

    Functions: used to test the mental and non-mental, such as tension, compression rupture, relaxation test, high temperature tensile, etc.

  • 600T Flattening Machine

    Functions: test the ultimate plastic deformation of a metal tube under a given condition without a crack defect.

  • 1000KN microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

    Functions: Stretching, flattening, flaring and bending test

  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

    Functions: Able to analyze metal, slag specimen, oil, etc. With standard-sample-free software, it can make qualitative analysis of the unidentified matter

  • Zeiss upright (inverted) microscope

    Functions: Used to observe metal metallographic structure and non-metallic inclusion, etc.

  • Scanning electron microscope / energy disperse spectroscopy

    Functions: Microscopic analysis, micro elements semi-quantitative analysis

  • Microcomputer-controlled pendulum bob impact testing machine

    Functions: Measure the instantaneous characteristic of the material during the impact process and record characteristic curve.

  • Digital Display Wilson Rockwell Apparatus

    Functions: Applicable to Rockwell hardness test of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.

  • Brooke direct-reading spectrometer

    Functions: Component analysis of steel sample. It can analyze the chemical component of iron-based, aluminum-based, cooper-based, and nickel-based metal products. The equipment is with small sample excitation (able to analyze samples with diameter not less than 1mm).

  • FOERSTER& GE flaw detection line

    Functions: detect metallic surface defects.