Round Bar Production Line

With the Swiss ABB ultra-high power DC arc furnace, Italy Danieli LF / VD furnace, Japan RH steel refining furnace, the United States Consarc vacuum induction furnace, Germany Krupp arc continuous casting machine, the United States Italy POMINI short stress line mill, Germany KOCKS three-roller sizing mill, etc. with the international advanced level of the main equipment, supporting ABB's automatic control and transmission system, GE ultrasonic testing, Foerster magnetic flux leakage detection, computer monitoring and monitoring system on-line.
Application of new mold casting technology (by the national patent), to solve the domestic and international casting cast anti-secondary oxidation of the problem. Continuous casting with light reduction, electromagnetic stirring and other integrated technology, so that higher purity of molten steel, composition, uniform organization, excellent performance. Large rolling mill large compression ratio and large pressure reduction, free specifications (with decimal point) high precision rolling, full specification control rolling control cold, 3 ultrasonic + magnetic flux leakage line to ensure high standard zero defect delivery.